Adding your own custom domain to your site

Your own what?

By default, when you create a new site on our platform its public address will be something like At some point you may decide that you need something shorter and more official which is why we allow you to add your own custom domain like instead.

It may sound like a tricky process to change the address of your entire site but thankfully we have a very simple process in place for making it happen. This way, even if you are not technically savvy at all and phrases like DNS, A records, IP addresses and the like mean little or nothing to you, it is still possible for you to accomplish this with no assistance whatsoever.

Step 1: Register a domain

Domains are not free so you will have to register one. For this you can technically go to any site that offers domain registration and pay for any available domain you wish. We recommend which has a great control panel and great pricing. Note: as an alternative to registering a domain YOURSELF, you also have the option of submitting a support ticket to us specifying the domain you wish to purchase and we will register it for you. Afterwards you will receive an annual invoice from us directly for the domain’s cost.

Step 2: Point the domain at our servers

This might sound harder than it really is. Once you have registered a domain, you should be able to login to your account and access the DNS settings. Here you can simply add what’s called an “A record”. The Name specified should be your domain and the Address/Record should be our main IP address which is Save and go back your website’s dashboard. Note: if we registered the domain for you, this step is unnecessary as we will take care of it.

Step 3: Map your domain

Before you get scared off by this, remember what I said at the start about this being pretty easy. Trust me, its very simple. All you need to do is navigate to Tools – – >Domain mapping, enter the domain (i.e. in the Custom Domain field and hit Add. Boom. Done.

Step 4: Fix anything that broke

If you have already been working on your site for a while blogging and writing page content then there may still be some old references to your address. Spending some time updating these to will ensure that your visitors never know the difference.

Thats it. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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