How to earn money with our affiliate program

For anyone out there who is either looking for more affiliates to promote or is interested in making some extra money, our Real Big Affiliate program could be an excellent fit for you. Before diving into the details though, lets give a quick overview of what an affiliate program is and how it is supposed to work.

Affiliate marketing programs

Affiliate marketing programs are an amazing way to make money online for both sellers and promoters. They work as a partnership between someone selling something and a promoter/marketer who wishes to help sell it. Here’s the basic breakdown:

  1. Kyle creates something that he wants to sell online (i.e. some really amazing websites!).
  2. Kyle then creates a killer affiliate program that allows others to sign up, promote his products or services and earn money.
  3. Jane signs up for the affiliate program and begins promoting Kyle’s amazing websites.
  4. Dave follows a link that Jane shared with him, likes what he sees on Kyle’s site and makes a purchase.
  5. Kyle collects his hard earned money and pays a percentage to Jane.
  6. Repeat!

That’s basically how it works. The critical, technical part in this process would be Dave clicking on the link that Jane shared. Affiliate programs function by tracking referral links and relating them to purchases so in order for Kyle to know that Jane sent Dave and that she deserves a payout, Dave would¬†have to click on a special link from Jane prior to purchasing.

For our program, we pay a 50% commission for every sign up. You can visit our pricing page to figure out the math for how much each sale will get you. Also consider that if customers pay a larger sum in advance as they are able to do (i.e. for 3 months or 12 months instead of monthly), your commission will also be higher.

Sounds pretty simple right? Well, it is. And here’s how you can do it.

Sign up for an account

Visit our sign up page, enter your email address and username and select “Just a username please”. You will then receive an email with an activation link. Click on that link and you will receive both a page and an email with your new password. You can then login.

Sign up for the Real Big Affiliate program

From your Dashboard go to Profile – – >Affiliate Referrals or go straight here. Select “Yes Please” for Enable Affiliate links and enter your PayPal email address. After clicking on “Update Settings” you will be able to see all of your settings and reports for your new affiliate account.

A yellow box should appear with the message “Hello, thank you for supporting us…”. Click on the Edit link on the right side of this box. You will see some instructions and basic options appear. If you have your own website and intend to post links to us on that site, simply enter the URL of your site in the “Your URL” field (see more on this later in the post). For any other places you may be linking to us (emails, social networks, blogs, other websites, etc.) simply add ?ref=username-## where username is your username and ## is the number(s) assigned here.

Boom! You are now in business and ready to begin making some serious cash.

But what if I need a website?

If you would like to have an actual website of your own to send people to, we have something set up that’s just right. Here’s all that you need to do:

  1. Visit our sign up page again.
  2. Enter in a site domain.
  3. Enter in a site title.
  4. Select the Real Big Affiliate template.
  5. Select a category or two for your site and type up a brief description.
  6. Hit the big “Create Site” button.
  7. Go back to your affiliate settings page.
  8. Click on the little Edit link again and enter the domain of the site you just created ( in the “Your URL” field.
  9. Click on “Update Settings”.

Those are the essentials. At this point, all you need to do is tell people in any way you like to go to your new site address if they are interested in a website. We will be able to track referrals from your new site to ours and will pay you if anyone signs up.

If you’d like to take it a step further and have a custom domain read this blog post. It will teach you how to change your site’s address from to just¬†Note: don’t forget to update the “Your URL” field in your affiliate account settings if you change your site’s domain.

We hope you find this helpful. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all. We are here to help.

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