If you are in need of a little help with your site, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Below are some of the best ways to resolve your issue:

  1. Call us. We will do everything we can to point you in the right direction. However, we do politely ask that before reaching for the phone, you carefully consider some of the following options as well. We are busy people too.
    Our corporate customers will have access to support phone number after paying for 6 months of our service.
  2. Submit a support ticket. If you are already a customer this would be the preferred option for you. We handle tickets in the order they are submitted and respond as quickly as possible.
    To submit a ticket, simply login to your website’s Dashboard, mouse over Support and click on Support Tickets. There you will be able to send us a detailed message.
  3. Visit our support forum. If you are having a problem, there is a chance someone else has had that same problem before. Browse the questions that have been posted there and see if the information you are seeking has already been addressed. You might also consider opening your question up to the community by posting a question on the forum. There other users as well as our staff will be able to respond with advice and guidance.
  4. Review support videos. Each website Dashboard comes integrated with easy to understand training videos on loads of common topics. To view them simply login to your Dashboard, mouse over Support and click on Video Tutorials.
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